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Alma Mater.


I stepped onto the campus of the University of Notre Dame this past weekend, for the first time in several years. I stayed with my beloved volleyball coach—who has just recently been inducted into the coaching Hall of Fame for her talent, hard work, her unparalleled accomplishments including playing for the U.S. national team, her phenomenal contribution to the sport of volleyball as well as her storied 24 year career as head coach of the Fighting Irish. It was more than amazing to catch up with one another. We talked about teams past, former players, coaches, trainers, injuries that still plagued, [...]

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“If u want to go fast, go alone, if u want to go far, go together.” —African proverb. These profound words stared up at me as I flipped through an old—and what I had mistaken for a blank—journal last night. As I looked at the old notes, the quote, my sense memory reminded me of the dynamic and emotional journey it was to write my way through that journal, and what poetry it had been to find that perfectly timed, poignant and profound proverb—an offering to make a decision for my life’s trajectory. I remember, distinctly, having holed up in my [...]




Walking the cobblestone streets of Europe for the past two weeks has been magnificent enough to elicit wonder from the most hardened of people, from the most jaded corners of our personalities. While inside Gaudi’s 400-year project, the Segrada Familia, in Barcelona, I witnessed the most straight-laced, buttoned up businessman stand next to the most irritated, short-fused tourist in open-mouthed wonder as they gazed upon the stained glass, the pillars, the interior. While we were in Italy, I watched the strictest of nutrition-conscious athletes from our group dive into troughs of homemade pasta, pizza, sweets, seemingly possessed by the love and [...]




The pinwheel denoting my URL refreshment spun continuously yesterday until I finally realized that I was truly out of range of the available WiFi. I had been asked to film something for a television appearance, and the date had conflicted with my trip out of the country, and I could feel myself sliding towards a fearful place of missing out on an exceptionally rare and amazing opportunity. It took me a full ten minutes of fiddling with every techy device in my possession in order to relinquish my efforts to be connected to the outside world. It would have to wait, [...]




I was sitting in the airport waiting for my flight yesterday, thoroughly enthralled with a toddler in a stroller adjacent to me. His mother was occupied with frantically trying to organize things for their travels, while he entertained himself beside her. During the span of five minutes, this beautiful little boy ran the gamut from total despair because of losing his pacifier over the side of his stroller, to ecstatic joy in finding his thumb to take its place. It was such a simple quest from loss to infatuation to soothing satisfaction, yet it rendered a dynamic rollercoaster of emotion. It [...]




I was running around my hotel room packing yesterday, when I accidentally caught my foot on the corner of the coffee table in our suite. After being forced to stop, do some quick triage by relocating my cockeyed little toe, the full profundity of the event sunk in. It was a sign—albeit a nasty one—that I was as dislocated as my toe. For me, whenever I stub my toe, accidentally slice my finger, cut myself shaving, stumble, bump or bruise myself in some other minor injury, it is always, always a sign of me being out of alignment with my inner [...]


Feelings from Hearings.


As I sat in the vacant waiting room outside my most recent audition, I couldn’t help but feel its walls daring to close in on me. The Senate Judiciary Hearings for Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford played silently on the television in the corner, and their mimed expressions of respective rage and terror threatened to suck the oxygen right out of the tiny room. It begun to feel dangerously close to a padded cell. I sat in anticipation of my audition, distracted by their pantomimes, pain, bombarded with similar memories of my own…and, thankfully, the whole of who I am. I [...]

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Cosby. My phone buzzed in my hand on the way to my audition this afternoon. I turned it over to find Google alerting me to the fact that Bill Cosby—the actor whose pudding pops I begged my mother to buy as a child, Dr. Huxtable who made me aspire to having a brownstone and family full of high-achievers in New York City, the comedian whose standup sets I studied before I eventually got on stage myself—was on his way to prison for three to ten years. America’s beloved television dad was finally “brought to justice” for the repeated, pathological, pre-meditated, criminal [...]




Exorcism. I spoke to a dear friend of mine yesterday over FaceTime, and from the moment he clicked on, I was hit with a powerful wave of distressing energy as it cascaded off of him. He has been going through a dark and gnarly time in his life of late, one in which conflict has seemed to come at him from all angles; one that has left him feeling bereft of allies and disenfranchised from where he once stood socially and occupationally. My heart broke for him, for we have all been through times that test our resolve, that try our [...]




Age. “Well, how old are you?” Record scratch.  I was standing in the very manicured backyard of a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, six sentences into a conversation with a complete stranger. The impetuousness with which he asked his question caught me off guard a bit, and I paused, not sure if it had really happened. He doubled-down and asked again, without a whisper of potential impropriety.  “How old are you? I mean, you can’t be that old?” Wow. Just what every woman wants to hear. Once my slack jaw came back together again, I spent the rest of the night [...]