• Cosby.

    Cosby. My phone buzzed in my hand on the way to my audition this afternoon. I turned it over to find Google alerting me to the fact that Bill Cosby—the actor whose pudding pops I [...]

  • Exorcism.

    Exorcism. I spoke to a dear friend of mine yesterday over FaceTime, and from the moment he clicked on, I was hit with a powerful wave of distressing energy as it cascaded off of him. [...]

  • Age.

    Age. “Well, how old are you?” Record scratch.  I was standing in the very manicured backyard of a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, six sentences into a conversation with a complete stranger. The impetuousness with [...]

  • Choices.

    “May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears.” Nelson Mandela My beautiful mother sent this quote to me over the weekend. And while I had to read it a few times to make sure [...]

  • FLOW.

    Flow. I just saw "Hamilton" two weekends ago. It has taken this long for the experience to course through my mind, my body, my soul, so that I could get to a point where I [...]

  • Trust.

    I was watching an interview with a well-known YouTuber over the weekend, and she spoke openly about the fact that she had “trust issues.” She gave the exact speech that she gives to all of [...]

  • Progress.

    Progress. “You know you’re blocking money from coming into your life, right?” I stared, wide-eyed at my dear friend. “…And you’re blocking a man.” “WHAT?!” We were standing in my bedroom—my friend barely having crested [...]

  • It’s Personal.

    It's Personal. “So…what’s your story…?” The words hung in the potent, eclectic, air amidst each party-goer’s signature scent, the smell of upscale pub food, beer, and the Old Spice Swagger deodorant wafting over from the [...]

  • Curiosity Killed the Critic.

    Curiosity Killed the Critic. I found myself caught in an emotional revolving door the other day; spinning and spinning at the behest of my inordinately truculent inner critic. I had finally finished a piece of [...]

  • See-NN

    See-NN During a recent visit with my father, I noticed a difference in his demeanor. His shoulders seemed more relaxed, lowered from their often stressed hunch, his micro-expressions and skin seemed brighter, he had color, [...]

  • Quit “Should’n” all over yourself.

    I had a reunion of sorts this past weekend. I got to see people I hadn’t seen for a while and had the opportunity to play on stage with those I hadn’t played with in [...]

  • Un-Plug.

    I woke up to a phone call early the other morning—at what felt like zero-dark-thirty. Normally, I would try to wait a while before checking in with any of my tech devices, however, on the [...]

  • Precious.

    This morning, as part of my daily routine, I went to put on my gold necklaces, my watch and rings, before heading out the door. As I opened the clasp, a clear, distinct voice in [...]

  • Storytelling

    I passed by a woman sitting on the street yesterday. I have seen her set up her blanket every week for months in same spot. Her skin has been pummeled by the sun, her clothes [...]

  • No Worries.

    I went to see a new doctor yesterday regarding an impending knee surgery. Capping off a litany of questions, she asked if I found myself stressed out, and if I needed anything to help me [...]

  • F-EAR.

    The flood of acid to your stomach, the short, shallow breaths, the giant, all-encompassing contraction of your heart that thumps and thuds, seemingly, against the hollow cage of your ribs, reverberating throughout your body, and [...]

  • Nobility.

    I heard a snippet from an interview the other day with Guy Ritchie—yes, filmmaker and Madonna's ex-hubby, Guy Ritchie. In it, he artfully and articulately referred to the story of King Arthur retrieving the sword [...]

  • Sisterhood.

    I woke with something in my heart. Something often witnessed, experienced, or inflicted, and often ignored. I don’t want to ignore it anymore. Now is the perfect time to talk about it. First, let me [...]

  • Imagine.

    Yesterday was my birthday. With everything that has been going on in my life recently, all the balls that I’ve been trying to juggle expertly, and all of the beautiful—often tangential—thoughts, projects and tasks that’ve [...]

  • Missed-Stakes.

    Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Noble. And while I waited thirty minutes for a lunch date that was running late, an epiphany magically escaped a child’s recorder, marched straight into my ear, and danced [...]

  • Appreciation.

    Last night was the Launch Event for my debut memoir, Deep Dark Blue. And I just want to express my deepest appreciation for those who came to share it with me, for those who have [...]

  • Putting the “H” in Hear.

    Putting the “H” in Hear: I had to fly out of town over the weekend. And as I sat in a supple leather chair amidst the shiny marble floor and chandelier-ladened hotel lobby, I got [...]

  • Be Kind, Rewind.

    Be Kind, Rewind: I was in Claire’s boutique last weekend watching my dear friend get her ears re-pierced, and this amazing little girl kept stealing my focus. She was no more than four years old, [...]

  • Row, Row…Let Go Your Boat

    I returned home from the United States Air Force Academy a broken, shell of a human being. For what had seemed like my entire life prior to leaving for college, I had been training, testing, [...]

  • If not now…WHEN?

    I have been recording the audio version of my first book, Deep Dark Blue this week. Aside from the amazing sound engineer who has been the tether through my headphones to the outside world, I [...]

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, the suggestion for tonight’s show is…LOVE.

    I’ve been performing improv comedy for over a decade here in New York City and out in Los Angeles as well, and I love it. There is something so incredible about witnessing the living, breathing, [...]

  • What lights you up…?

    We all have heard the expression, “you get what you give” and “you teach people how to treat you.” And we have all either experienced or witnessed rudeness escalating into a shouting match on the [...]


    I was sitting on a plane last week, awaiting take off, and the safety demonstration struck me, once again, with its order of events; the strident emphasis placed on donning your own mask before assisting [...]

  • #IAmAMogul: No one can take your joy.

    “Aren’t you a little…young…to have written a memoir?” The older gentleman to whom I was being introduced was still holding my hand as his words fell sideways from his cocked, inquisitive head. “Hmm.” I responded [...]